— Proactive Protection —

The fast depressurization system begins to depressurize transformers in as little as 5.1 milliseconds, which is less than the time required for the dynamic pressure peak generated by the arc to become static pressure, thus avoiding explosion and subsequent fire. Depressurization occurs in milliseconds even if the arc is fed for a longer period.

The dynamic pressure wave activates the pin valve. This depressurizes the tank, thus preventing a static pressure wave buildup. The pressure goes to the blast chamber, where the shock is absorbed and the oil and gas separate. This allows the gas to vent to a safe location before any contact with oxygen occurs, preventing a fire or explosion. By depressurizing the tank before the static pressure buildup, we prevent tank deformation and rupture.

The Sentry system is easily retrofitted without tank machining by using the existing tank openings and providing a replacement interface cover.

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