— Rupture Pin —

Technology of the Rupture Pin

The rupture pin is the heart of each advanced pressure relief valve and is vital to the function, accuracy and consistency of the valve. By modifying the pin, we are able to control the valve's performance – from small changes to more dramatic changes. It is for this reason that each pin is carefully crafted using a precise manufacturing process.

Our system is equipped with the power industries most innovative rupture pin valve

This pin offers many
advantages including:

  • Full bore relief in milliseconds
  • Reliability can be checked in operation under pressure
  • Bubble tight seal
  • Greater accuracy- Standard tolerance +/- 5%.
    Average result less than 2%.
  • Pulsating pressures - no problem
  • Pins buckle at set pressure
  • No worker safety concerns
  • No environmental pollution
  • Extremely accurate
  • Does not require vacuum support
  • It is easy to tell when a pin is buckled visually or remotely when using a proximity sensor
  • Few inspections
  • Pins are rugged and can be stored at the valve
  • You don't break the line to change the pin
  • Telling when the pin has buckled is obvious
  • Tested to 25,000 PSI
  • Rupture PinThe pin is the greenest solution