— Transformer Fires —

The Danger
    Transformer explosions lead to:
  • Large fires
  • Plant outage
  • Environmental pollution
  • Human life risks
  • Huge costs
  • Ruined company reputation

Transformers are the key component to electric power transmission, but this vital equipment is aging at an alarming rate. According to Department of Commerce data, the electric utility industry reached a peak in new installations in the U.S. around 1973-1974. Today those transformers are almost 40 years old. Aging transformers are prone to short circuit forces which result in explosions and fires. These failures will cause a serious problem for power producers, industry, and the entire electrical grid.

Sentry DS Inc. has developed a proactive, cost efficient, and innovative fast depressurization system that can prevent transformer explosions and fires from ever taking place. Our high speed rupture pin valve system is the fastest proactive depressurization system available to the industry. The cost and down time of our system after activation is a fraction of the time and cost involved in other systems.

The Problem with
Current Systems

Most transformers are currently equipped
with the following devices:

Circuit BreakersCircuit Breakers
Gas MonitoringGas Monitoring
Buchholz RelayBuchholz Relay
Pressure Relief ValvePressure
Relief Valve
Sudden Pressure RelaySudden Pressure

Response times for the types of current protective devices shown above are too slow. With the arc developing enough pressure to rupture the tank in under 12 milliseconds, none of these devices respond quickly enough. If they did, there would never be a fire or explosion. Sentry’s fast depressurization system begins to activate in as little as 5.1 milliseconds and releases the pressure before the static pressure can develop. This saves the tank from rupture, and prevents the fire and explosions.

We prevent potential loss of life, and save you the high costs associated with down time, lost revenue, replacement of equipment, EPA fines, clean up, and damage to your company’s public image. The Sentry DS can potentially save your company millions!

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